Professor Uwe Oelfke

Finding better ways to deliver targeted radiotherapy

At The Institute of Cancer Research in London, Professor Uwe Oelfke is head of the Joint Department of Physics and leads the Radiotherapy Physics Modelling research group. By combining his expertise in nuclear and medical physics, Professor Oelfke is working to improve planning and delivery of radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy is part of treatment for many cancer patients. Although radiotherapy can be very effective at killing cancer cells, it can also damage healthy tissue around the tumour, leading to side effects. Professor Oelfke and his team want to reduce this harm by using imaging to make the technique more precise.

They’re developing a new method that uses MRI scans to see the tumour in 3D and help guide the radiotherapy beams more accurately. And if successful, they’ll test it out on lung cancer patients in a clinical trial.

On top of that, Professor Oelfke is setting up a research facility where researchers will put a potential new type of radiotherapy, called ‘micro-beam radiation therapy’, through its paces. This novel technique could also reduce side effects from radiotherapy treatment, so Professor Oelfke is hoping to improve it before it makes its way to the clinic.


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