Professor Judith Bliss

Improving treatments for breast cancer

Professor Judith Bliss leads the Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit at the Institute of Cancer Research. Her team conducts clinical trials, which are vital for testing new ways of treating cancer.

Professor Bliss is currently involved in a number of breast cancer trials, which aim to improve different aspects of breast cancer treatment including hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Previous trials led by Professor Bliss have been instrumental in improving treatment for women with breast cancer. For example, she played a leading role in a trial showing that giving fewer but larger doses of radiotherapy is as safe and as effective at reducing the risk of cancer returning. Cutting the number of radiotherapy sessions has important implications for patients, reducing the number of hospital visits they have to make and saving worry, time and money.

Professor Bliss is also carrying out research into biological ‘signposts’ – biomarkers – that could help doctors tailor treatment to each individual patient, leading to more effective, kinder treatments.

Breast cancer
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