Professor Gareth Griffiths

Finding better treatments for cancer

At the University of Southampton, Gareth Griffiths is Professor of Clinical Trials and directs our Southampton Clinical Trials Unit. Here, he works with clinicians, research groups and other Cancer Research UK scientists in the development of important clinical trials and other studies that aim to improve the treatment of a range of cancers.

In particular, these trials focus on blood cancers, particularly lymphoma; cancers affecting the urinary system, such as bladder cancer; and cancers of the digestive system, such as throat cancer; and cancers that have spread to the liver.

Professor Griffiths is a statistician and an expert on bladder cancer, having completed his PhD in clinical trials in this field. 
In the trials that Professor Griffiths oversees, new drugs are tested out as well as other types of treatment, like surgery. His clinical trials unit has a particular interest in clinical trials in immunotherapy, such as cancer vaccines and drugs that boost the immune system’s ability to attack cancer.

The work also spans the different phases of clinical trials, from small studies looking into safety and the best dose of a particular drug, to larger trials looking at whether the treatments are better than the standard cancer treatments and can so help save lives. Ultimately, these studies could lead to new standards of care, helping change the way that cancer patients are treated for the better.

Bladder cancer
Blood cancers
Prostate cancer
Secondary cancers
Cancer spread to the liver

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