Professor Emma Hall

Improving current radiotherapy treatments

Professor Emma Hall is a Deputy Director of the Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. She is using her 20 years of experience in the design of clinical trials and as a medical statistician to develop and analyse clinical trials. She focusses on the treatment of bladder, prostate and head and neck cancer.

In these trials, Professor Hall is working to improve both drug treatments and radiotherapy. Alongside testing new combinations of drugs, she is particularly interested in evaluating newer, more precise forms of radiotherapy. She is testing this so called image-guided and ‘stereotactic’ radiotherapy in a number of ways.

She wants to see if by precisely targeting the tumour, the radiotherapy can kill cancer cells and avoid harming nearby healthy cells. This will hopefully reduce some of the side effects of radiotherapy by leaving the healthy tissue around the tumour alone.

Having well-designed trials is important. Clinical trials such as the ones Professor Hall is working on will help inform and improve treatments for cancer patients.


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Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit, The Institute of Cancer Research, London