Dr Michelle Lockley

Helping viruses fight cancer

Based at Queen Mary, University of London, Dr Michelle Lockley is working on ovarian cancer. She and her team are investigating the use of cancer-fighting viruses to improve treatment for women with the most common type of ovarian cancer, called high grade serous cancer.

Some viruses naturally target cancer cells rather than normal cells, and can also turn the immune system against tumours. These so called “oncolytic” viruses are starting to show promise in treating some cancers, and Dr Lockley has found that they could be used for patients with ovarian cancer.

In her current work, Dr Lockley is looking for ways to boost the effectiveness of these viruses while also reducing their side effects. If the work is successful, it could lead to the development of new treatments for women with ovarian cancer, particularly those who develop resistance to chemotherapy, helping more people survive their disease. 


Ovarian cancer
Pre-clinical research

Queen Mary, University of London.