Dr James O'Connor

Developing new MRI scans to monitor treatment

Dr James O’Connor is a ‘clinician scientist’ – he carries out lab research at the University of Manchester and he’s also a doctor specially trained to interpret scans such as MRI and CT scans at The Christie Hospital

Dr O’Connor’s research is looking at ways to improve how treatments for lung cancer are developed and tested. Along with his team, Dr O’Connor is studying whether MRI scans could give an early indication of how well a treatment is working for patients taking part in clinical trials. They are focussing on trials testing new combinations of radiotherapy and drugs that affect cancer’s oxygen levels, and immunotherapies. He aims to find out if MRI scans can give doctors precise and reliable information on whether someone’s cancer is responding.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the UK, and finding better treatments in one of our top priorities. Dr O’Connor’s work could help show how well potential treatments are working and identify promising combinations of therapies. This will help deliver new therapies to lung cancer patients as quickly as possible, and increase the number of people surviving this disease.


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Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester