Dr Clare Davies

Unpicking the role of a key molecule in breast cancer

At the University of Birmingham, Dr Clare Davies wants to better understand the biology of cancer through her research. To do this she’focussing on a protein molecule called PRMT5. High levels of PRMT5 are found in many cancers, including breast, and is linked to poor survival.

Dr Davies has already shown that PRMT5 is key player in helping cancer grow, survive and become resistant to drugs.  

Studying both mice and cells in the lab, Dr Davies’ research now aims to work out how PRMT5 does this. By investigating the role of PRMT5 in breast cancer, and in identifying other molecular players along the way, she hopes to identify potential new drug targets.  

As PRMT5 is also found at high levels in several types of cancer, Dr Davies hopes her work could not only help people with breast cancer, but one day be extended to help people with other types of cancer too. This includes some that are particularly hard to treat such as lung, oesophageal and pancreatic cancer.

Breast cancer
Cancer biology

College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham

Email: c.c.davies@bham.ac.uk