Our Research in Leicester

Our researchers are leading the world in finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Last year in Leicester we spent around £2 million on some of the UK's best scientific and clinical research.

Our dedicated scientists based in Leicester are experts in a wide range of topics including cliical trials, early detection, personalised medicine and prevention.

“A clinical trial saved my life”

20 years ago Andrew was diagnosed with melanoma. It had spread to his lungs and stomach. A clinical trial enabled him to continue playing tennis and being a grandfather.

“Marking a new era in Mesothelioma research”

Professor Dean Fennell is leading pioneering research and clinical trials for patients with lung cancer and mesothelioma – marking a new era into personalised medicines to treat cancer.

Award to speed up drug development

An Accelerator award has been given to our Leicester research team. The new funding will help translate work being carried out in the lab into new drugs that could treat patients.

Help us beat cancer sooner

We receive no government funding for our research. Our life-saving work relies on the money you give us.


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Our strategy to beat cancer sooner

Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.Our new strategy will give us the foundations we need to tackle the challenges ahead.

Last year in Leicester

We supported 1 clinical trial

We spent around £2 million on research