Free online course ‘Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments’

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Free online course - Starting 20th May

Designed for nurses and members of clinical research that explores the science behind new targeted cancer treatments.

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Our free online course designed for clinical research nurses and members of the clinical research team explores the science behind new targeted cancer treatments.

The next course starts Monday 20 May.

Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treatments  runs two or three times a year on the online learning platform, Future Learn.  

The course covers some of the latest targeted treatments and immunotherapies in bowel, lung, breast, skin and blood cancer. Delivered over a five-week period, the learning is structured in bite-sized chunks so you can select what’s most relevant to you and dip in and out at your own pace. It includes video interviews, patient case studies, quizzes and interactive discussion with the educators and others on the course, and takes approximately 2–3 hours a week.

The course is led by expert educators, including Elaine Vickers who debunks the science behind the treatments, and you’ll hear from leading scientists and doctors involved in treating patients and advancing medicine. Experienced research nurses also share their knowledge and practical advice, and patients describe their treatment experience.

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What some of our previous learners have said:

"Really enjoyed the style of learning, so helpful to dip in and out when time is always an issue. This course has given me a greater understanding and I feel confident that I could discuss the 'science' behind treatments with a patient at a level appropriate for their needs." - Joanne, Research Nurse
“An amazingly comprehensive course that is well structured and explained. From the knowledge gained, I’ll be able to explain these treatments to patients and feel comfortable in doing so; enabling patients to make informed choices.” - Sheena, Oncology Nurse
“An informative course that reinforces the reasons why so many of us have such a commitment and passion for cancer research. The mix of teaching methods was just right and the presentations were excellent.” - Kari, Clinical Trials Manager

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