Involvement in our work, with people affected by cancer

Many of you are passionate about the work you do with us and want to share your story. You've also helped us with lots of projects in our charity that has had a positive impact on our work. Here, we find out what motivated you, what you've done to support us and how you found your experience of getting involved with Cancer Research UK.

Meet James


James joined our Children & Young People Insights Panel following first-hand experience of cancer from both his wife and son being diagnosed during the same period. He wanted to do something positive to help families like his in the future.

Supporting people affected by cancer who’ve struggled with their mental health

holding hands

Earlier this year we invited people affected by cancer who've struggled with their mental health to attend focus groups to share what impact a cancer diagnosis can have on mental health. This insight helped to shape our new ‘Mental health and cancer’ pages.

Patient and Public Involvement in cancer research conference in Switzerland

Alison and Patrick at conference

Our Senior Patient Involvement Officer and one of our patient representatives were invited to speak at the '1st International Workshop on Patient and Public Involvement in Cancer Research' in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our commitment to you and Patient & Public Involvement

three people walking down the road together

We’re proud to announce that along with the Health Research Authority, the National Institute for Health Research, and a host of other organisations, we’ve signed up to a shared commitment to public involvement.

Science Museum’s Cancer Revolution Exhibition

Ann-Marie at exhibition

Ann-Marie donated two objects to this exhibition and went along to the opening night in Manchester last October. Ahead of the exhibition’s move to London at the end of May we asked Ann-Marie what she thought of it.

"Supporting the amazing work Cancer Research UK does was a no-brainer"

Matt and his family

Matt (positioned right) joined our Cancer Insights Panel after the losing 3 members of his family to cancer. Angry at cancer, he got involved because he wants take part in putting an end it. Here he tells us about the strength he’s gained from fellow members since joining the panel.

Christina's story

Christina & Mum

Christina shares her hope for the future and why she thinks it’s important to hear everyone’s voice and represent all groups in our Cancer Insights Panels.

"Like Cancer Research UK, I've just had my 20th birthday!"


Shaumya, a member of the Children and Young People’s Insights Panel is from Eastbourne but has recently moved to Glasgow to study medicine at university. Here, Shaumya shares her story and tells us how it feels to be the same age as Cancer Research UK!

How Terry helped shape the Science Museum's latest exhibition


Terry joined the Science Museum Group Advisory Panel to help ensure different cancer perspectives and experiences were used to develop the Cancer Revolution exhibition. Here, he tells us why being part of this project was important to him.

Meet our Online Cancer Insights Panel

online cancer insights panel logo

Meet 2 of our amazing Online Cancer Insights Panel members. Here, they tell us how they've found their time on the panel.

Neil's story

Neil and his daughter

Neil shares his experience of being part of Cancer Research UK's for Children and Young People Insights Panel and what prompted him to join.

Reviewing our online content

man using a laptop

The Patient and Health information teams review and publish health information on our website. Content reviewers play a valuable role in updating and reviewing this information. By sharing their insight on the content, they help to ensure the team provide reliable, engaging information.

Celebrating 5 years of working together

Network members

This year marks 5 years since our network was established in its current form. It’s been an amazing 5 years, and we’re so proud of all the work we’ve done together. It’s fantastic to look back at what the involvement network has achieved over the last 5 years, and to think what we can achieve together in the next 5.

Graeme's story

Graeme and his kids

Find out why music loving Scot Graeme joined the Cancer Insights Panel and what difference he thinks it's making to him and our work.  

Meet Arshiya


Arshiya tell us why being involved in our work as a Cancer Insights Panel member helps her feel like she's continuing to fight back against cancer in her mom's name. 

Meet Kuheli


 "My intention in joining CRUK is to serve people who are in any way affected by cancer.” Find out how Kuheli gets involved to make a difference. 

Meet Ally

Ally with his family

Find out how former firefighter Ally shares his experiences of cancer to help us save lives. 

Testing our style guide with the people using our content

People affected by cancer share their thoughts

The way we communicate as a charity is hugely important, especially about topics like death and dying, cancer symptoms and curing cancer. Find out how we used insight from people affected by cancer to help shape the language we use.  

Meet David

david walking

David reviews our draft web pages on the causes of cancer to help make sure they are clear and useful for those that need them.  

Meet Natasha

Natasha is influencing the future for people facing cancer. Her hope is that more young people will help make a change to the cancer conversation.

Shaping Our Fundraising Training

We asked people affected by cancer to share their experiences of talking to street fundraisers.  Their views have helped shape our new training module for fundraising staff.

Meet Alfred

Alfred started treatment for advanced prostate cancer seven years ago and currently his cancer is being managed extremely well. Find out how he’s making a difference as a member of our Cancer Insights Panel.

Meet Geetika

Geetika is passionate about representing other Asian women who have been affected by cancer in her position as a Cancer Insight Panel member.

Meet Salena

Salena is a busy working mum of three. She lost her husband Tony to cancer in 2016 and is now making a difference to the future of research in his name, as a member of our Cancer Insights Panel.

Ways to get involved