The Impact of mental well-being following cancer treatment post COVID-19

man taking part in an online interview

Type of activity: Informal online interview

Organised by: Staffordshire University

Location: Online, anywhere.

Time commitment: One-off online interview, no longer than an hour and a half. Option to take part in a follow up interview to discuss the main themes revealed during first interviews.

Payment and Expenses:  N/a

Closing date: Monday 2 January 2023

Researchers at Staffordshire University are looking for people affected by cancer to discuss their experiences of receiving cancer care or treatment post March 2020, and the potential impact on mental wellbeing. The aim is to help inform ongoing cancer care to minimise stress and increase support provided. Understanding the factors involved is a positive first step.

The research will be submitted for publication, in the hopes of raising awareness of the impact changes in cancer provision can have and the support needed. The goal is to present the completed research at conferences and other settings as part of this, and to facilitate conversation about the impact of the changes noted. 
The discussions will take part via semi-structured online interviews.

Looking for participants 18+ who have experienced cancer care or treatment since March 2020. They may have been receiving treatment prior to this time period, and can discuss the difference between pre and post COVID, or can discuss the experience purely of post-COVID measures.

To get involved or find out more please e-mail An information sheet will be provided to any interested participants, as well as a debrief following interviews. Any further questions can be asked at any time.


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