Help Cancer Research UK define what we need from the next UK Government to prevent more cancers

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Type of activity: Focus Group on Thursday 6th July

Organised by: Cancer Research UK

Location: Online, anywhere

Time commitment: 2 hours

Payment and Expenses: £30 plus £5 virtual data fee

Closing date: Tuesday 13th June

Cancer Research UK will publish a report by the end of 2023 setting out clear actions to be taken by Government which would lead to significant improvements over the next 0-5 and 5-10 years in cancer research, prevention, and services. As part of our evidence and insight gathering to inform this report, we’re running a discussion group with people affected by cancer to help shape the report’s cancer prevention chapter.

Around 4 in 10 cancers can be prevented. Research shows that things like stopping smoking, keeping a healthy weight and lowering alcohol intake can reduce the risk of cancer. But the world around us can make being healthy hard, and this can affect some people more than others. We need the government to help make it easier for us all. At the discussion group you’ll have the opportunity to draw on your experience and provide your feedback and views to help shape: 

  • New ways we are making the case for Government action on cancer prevention
  • How we talk about our prevention work to ensure we’re using language which is sensitive and appropriate to avoid causing stigma.  
  • How we prioritise and emphasise content in the report to have the biggest impact.
  • How we best draw on the stories of people affected by cancer in the report and associated communications to raise awareness

It’s important that we involve a diverse group of people affected by cancer. We’re particularly looking to hear from the following groups where we know representation on our network is lower:

  • Those who smoke, have previously smoked or have loved ones that smoke or have previously smoked
  • People on lower incomes (for example, those who receive income support, are unemployed)
  • People from LGBTQIA+ groups
  • People from ethnic minority groups
  • Anyone with a history of poor mental health

If you’re interested in attending the focus group, please click the link below to fill in the expression of interest form. We'll be selecting participants based on the information provided to ensure a representative group of people take part. You’ll receive further information about the timings and format of the focus group ahead of the session


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At CRUK we value diversity and we're committed to creating an inclusive space where everyone is able to be themselves and help shape our work. We actively encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, communities and cultures and believe that a range of views and experiences will help us represent all people affected by cancer.

Take part in a focus group and share your views to help shape our report to influence the next UK Government ahead of the 2024 General Election to improve cancer outcomes in the UK.

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