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After losing his wife, Pam, to bowel cancer in 2007, Patrick wanted to shed more light on the importance of early diagnosis, and share his experience to benefit others. He now campaigns in his local constituency of Wantage as one of our Campaigns Ambassadors and is a member of our patient involvement network.  

As a Campaigns Ambassador, Patrick plays a key role in ensuring that cancer is kept on the political agenda. Within a supportive network, Patrick has been actively persuading his local elect of the importance of our latest campaigns – Junk Free TV and Don’t Quit on Us - as well as acting as a support for other Ambassadors in his role as an Ambassador aide.  We caught up with Patrick recently and he told us about his motivation for campaigning and the skills he’s picked up along the way.

What inspired you to volunteer?

“I started volunteering as a Campaigns Ambassador in May 2013. Alongside the memory of my wife, Pam, who passed away at just 52, further inspiration comes from the memory of other friends and loved ones who have died from cancer. I’m also motivated by seeing just how effective campaigning is, and the difference it makes to help beat cancer sooner. Seeing constantly improving survival rates, improved diagnoses and treatments, and better preventative measures is extremely motivational. I also gain huge personal satisfaction and pride from being just a small part of such a wonderfully committed, professional and determined organisation."

What would you say to people thinking about becoming a Campaigns Ambassador?

"Becoming an ambassador is a hugely rewarding way to volunteer. Persuading politicians and decision makers to adopt policies that will improve the lives of so many people and reduce the tragedy that families face when a loved one dies prematurely is, emotionally and professionally, enormously satisfying. 

It’s also helped me to maintain and further develop a range of skills since retiring, including clear, concise communication, organisational skills, critical, analytical thinking, improved knowledge and understanding of science and research." 

What does beating cancer sooner mean to you?

"Beating cancer sooner means fewer people suffering and fewer families facing the premature, tragic and devastating loss of a loved one."

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