Meet Callum

Callum PHD student

Callum Hall is a PhD student at our CRUK Manchester Institute whose research focuses on molecular and cellular biology; particularly focusing on p53, an important protein which is mutated in over 50% of all cancers:

“Our work has changed, but we’re carrying on. Normally, I’d be running experiments on cells – using microscopy to monitor them and using other techniques to measure their gene expression. I’m currently writing up papers and doing a lot of data analysis. As researchers, we’re committed to continuing the fight against cancer, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I miss seeing my colleagues face-to-face, but we’re keeping in contact - our WhatsApp group is full of pictures of pets and babies! Right now, the help of our supporters means the world to us. You’re helping us to keep exploring new avenues, and to keep looking for new treatment opportunities – thank you.”