Personal Declaration

By submitting this form I agree to abide by the principles outlined in the volunteering policy.

  • I will comply with all Cancer Research UK policies and guidelines made available to me including those outlined in the Welcome to Volunteering booklet
  • I will comply with health and safety guidelines, and I understand I have a responsibility for my own and others health and safety whilst volunteering with the charity; 
  • I agree that ownership of any intellectual property rights created in the course of my volunteering shall immediately vest in Cancer Research UK; 
  • I will notify Cancer Research UK of any changes in circumstances that may affect my volunteering; 
  • I agree to provide, when asked, and if required by the role, the details of two referees; 
  • I am volunteering entirely at my own risk and Cancer Research UK shall not be liable in any way for any injury or loss I might suffer as a result of my volunteering unless caused by Cancer Research UK’s negligence; 
  • I understand that if I have a disability or physical or mental health condition that might impact on my ability to volunteer, I can discuss this with my Cancer Research UK contact so that reasonable adjustments can be considered; 
  • I agree to declare and discuss with my Cancer Research UK contact any unspent criminal convictions I may have*; 
  • I confirm that the answers that I have provided on this form are true.  

* If you are not sure whether your convictions are spent, guidance can be found here. If you have an unspent conviction, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t volunteer with Cancer Research UK but we’ll need to consider it when reviewing your application. If you fail to disclose an unspent conviction, or provide false or misleading information, we may withdraw any volunteering opportunity.