Sarah's Story

Sarah took part in a photo shoot and filming using the recently developed cancer care products, which are now available online.  She tells us about her cancer diagnosis and what it was like to volunteer in the middle of receiving her treatment. 

“The day of the shoot was really great and the people involved were so lovely. I had finished chemotherapy the week before so this was a great way to celebrate by doing something fun. And something helpful for myself and others.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2017. I'm 33 and had been the fittest and healthiest I had ever been. A few weeks before I was diagnosed I had got engaged to my boyfriend Jake and was on top of the world. When I had my results they said, 'Sarah, it’s not the news you wanted, you have breast cancer.'

My breast cancer is hormone receptive which means I couldn't have any form of IVF preparation and as my cancer is aggressive I had to start chemo straight away. I’ve also had surgery and have just started radiotherapy. I can’t wait for my treatment to finish just before my birthday in late July. 

I became a Media Volunteer to be part of a community of people who really understand. If you feel ready, it’s a great way to take back some control over cancer. It’s a way to say ok this isn’t the best situation, but look what I can do to help others and be part of a charity that has played a huge part in treatments. Without the research the story would be very different for me. 

By volunteering you meet interesting people and you are around people who WANT to be part of it with you, which makes all the difference. This isn’t a lonely place, it’s a friendly and kind place to be.”

Sarah has written a blog about her experiences and also has a youtube channel 

You can have a look at our cancer care pages with all profits going to Cancer Research UK.


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Applying to be a media volunteer will take about 30 minutes. Before you start, please have details of your cancer experience, diagnosis, and treatments (as applicable) on hand.

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