How your newsletter feedback helps us

word cloud

It’s been a year since we introduced a regular feedback poll in our newsletter. We created the polls to get a temperature check on what you think of our newsletters along with an option of leaving further anonymous feedback about things you particularly like or areas of improvement.

During 2023, we received a total of 301 responses and are delighted to say that 97% of these were thumbs up. The word cloud above was created from the comments and highlights the common themes that appear in the feedback.

As feedback is anonymous, we can't reply personally but we do read and gather the information, and look for occurring themes. This has and will continue to steer the newsletter toward the things you've suggested. We can’t action unsubscribe requests using the feedback route or contact you directly.

Our work exists because of you, our readers, who get involved in the opportunities we share and support our work. We’ll continue to bring you news and updates as well as ways to get involved in our work and we’re always happy to receive suggestions for future issues as well as other areas of involvement from beyond Cancer Research UK to encourage and inform the patient involvement.

If you would like to talk to us about anything you've read or have any suggestions for future updates please email to arrange a chat with Jozie in our team.