Creating more inclusive imagery

Above is a selection of the final photos

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Over the past year, the Cancer Insight Panels have played a key role in supporting the Strategic Evidence team’s Inclusive Imagery project. The project started back in October 2022. Its goal was to create a bank of diverse, culturally sensitive photography that portrayed key moments in cancer screening and symptom investigation for use across our public, patient, and health professional content.

At the time, we knew that there was a lack of culturally inclusive breast screening imagery in the wider media, and that there were key gaps in the people and moments shown in our own photography. In this project, we wanted to understand and fill some of the most important gaps in our content so that we could make our photography more inclusive and accessible.

Involving people affected by cancer

We knew it was essential for us to involve people affected by cancer from the very start. The panels could draw on their experiences to help flag what images were missing from cancer-related information and help us get the tone of the photos just right.

How Patient Insight Panels shaped the project

The Patient Insight Panels played an important role throughout the project. We spoke to members at key stages to help us:

  1. decide what people, settings and moments we wanted to portray in the photos
  2. understand how to do that in a sensitive, authentic and positive way
  3. choose the final photos from the photoshoot.

The panels helped us to...

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