Online user testing - Understand how patients use cancer management application

Opportunity organised by Gena

Type of activity: Online Interview for user testing

Organised by: Gena

Location: Online, anywhere

Time commitment: One-off 45 minute online using testing session

Payment and Expenses: £15 vouchers for a retailer of the participant's choice.

Closing date for this opportunity: Friday 5 July

Gena are developing a free cancer management app aiming to help people affected by cancer navigate their journey with more ease.                                                                              

This is an exciting opportunity for patients to feed into and help develop a free service for cancer patients and carers. Gena aims to aid patients with their decision-making by improving the everyday management of their cancer journey.

During the usability testing, they will ask you to perform specific tasks and listen for any feedback. This is to ensure that the product is easy to use and navigate, identify any pain points where users encounter difficulties or frustrations and validate the design and feature decisions.

This opportunity will directly inform the development of the app. The data collected will help with feature prioritisation for the app and help identify the best ways to help patients and carers/family members manage their diagnoses in the future.

The app will be free to use. If you want to be kept updated on progress, or participate in future research, there will be an option to be contacted again.

If you have any questions please contact An induction and intro will be conducted in the first 5 minutes of the usability test.

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