Edd's story

Edd's story


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"Gifts in Wills enable, and have enabled, major new discoveries in cancer research."


Edd is a cancer researcher based in Southampton. 

"It's very humbling that people are generous enough to leave a gift in their Will. 

With one in two people developing cancer during their lives, cancer affects so many people and their families. Being able to identify new ways to treat cancer through harnessing the immune system would make more people cancer free. 

The funding we receive from Cancer Research UK is fundamental to the research and being able to achieve our goals, which allows us to understand how the immune system interacts with cancer and to develop new therapies to benefit patients. 

One third of Cancer Research UK's funding comes from gifts in Wills.

This level of funding means that much of the research and development of new therapies we and others around the country are overtaking would not be possible without the generosity of people who leave a gift in this way. 

Gifts in Wills enable, and have enabled, major new discoveries in cancer research. The results are leading to new therapies that are making people cancer free today and will have a legacy for future cancer patients and their families. I believe that through improved therapies, detection, screening and vaccination we will be able to cure and prevent many cancers."


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