Pledge to leave a gift in your Will


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A pledge can help beat cancer for future generations

It’s a declaration of intent to one day leave a gift in your Will.

Pledge to join us in creating the day where people no longer fear, suffer or lose a loved one to cancer. ​

​Together with your pledge to fund the breakthroughs, and our pledge to make the breakthroughs, side by side we will create a future where everyone survives cancer. 

If you're ready to make your pledge, get your free Gifts in Wills Guide

Your free guide to Gifts in Wills

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Get our free Gifts in Wills Guide which will provide all the information you need to take your next step. Inside you'll find useful tips on:​

Who can help you write your Will
The types of gift you can leave​
How gifts in Wills impact our research​
Our free will service 

The Impact of Gifts in Wills

Thanks to our amazing supporters, gifts left in Wills make up over a third of our life-saving work. This helps us to accelerate the pace of progress, develop kinder and more effective treatments and detect cancer earlier.

Gifts in Wills are vital because they enable long-term research projects that lead to new treatments and cures. By pledging to help fund our research through a gift in your Will, you are creating a future that is free from cancer.