Science impact

Finding a new weapon in the fight against cancer

When Citizen Science began, no one knew if speeding up cancer research by crowdsourcing was even possible. But we’ve proven that citizen scientists can collectively analyse huge amounts of data with impressive accuracy.

Learn more about our impact on the world of research below.

Our Impact

The Citizen Science programme made an impact on the world of cancer research by proving that non-scientists could accurately analyse certain types of cancer data. We helped complete important studies too, such as Dr Anne Kiltie’s muscle-invasive bladder cancer study which was supported by Reverse The Odds’ players. Here’s what she had to say about their efforts:


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Our Research Collaborators

A number of Cancer Research UK funded researchers have worked with us to bring Citizen Science to life, providing their data and expertise, including

  • Dr Anne Kiltie, Department of Radiology, Oxford University
  • Professor Paul Pharoah, Centre for Cancer Epidemiology, Cambridge University
  • Dr Roslin Russell, Microarray Bioinformatics & Technology Development, Cambridge University
  • Dr Oscar Rueda, Breast Cancer Functional Genomics Laboratory, Cambridge University
  • Professor Gareth Thomas, Experimental Pathology, Southampton University
  • Dr Martin Jones, Electron Microscopy, The Francis Crick Institute
  • Dr Lucy Collinson, Electron Microscopy, The Francis Crick Institute 
  • Professor Andrew Hanby, Leeds Institute of Cancer & Pathology, University of Leeds
  • Dr Will Howat, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Cambridge University
  • Dr Emily Shaw, Cancer Research UK