Commit to Beat Cancer

Our Commit to Beat Cancer campaign secured a £25 million investment for diagnostic tests to help GPs spot cancer earlier.

Our campaigners helped us to keep research on the political agenda and made cancer an issue in the 2010 general and 2011 devolved elections. 

Why we campaigned

To make the UK’s cancer survival rates amongst the best in Europe, we need the Government’s support. 

Around 10,000 lives a year could be saved if cancer was diagnosed at an earlier stage. We need the right framework for doctors to spot cancer early.

Keeping cancer at the top of the health agenda is crucial to ensuring that life-saving policies are brought in.

How we made it happen

Watch our Westminster lobby video.

CRUK | Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors | Westminster Lobby 2010


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Thousands of people emailed their election candidates to ask them to pledge to beat cancer. Meanwhile our Ambassadors met with their candidates in their local areas, put up campaign posters, attended meetings and engaged the local press.


After the General election, 71 Ambassadors travelled from across England to Westminster to meet their MPs and ask them to give GPs increased access to diagnostic tools.

These tools would allow GPs to diagnose cancers more quickly, and accurately record the stage at which patients' cancers are diagnosed – helping to monitor trends and drive progress.

What we achieved

The Cancer Commitment was signed by 1,298 candidates across the UK. Of these, 264 MPs and 101 representatives in the devolved assemblies were elected - and committed to support measures to beat cancer. As a result of this lobby, the Government announced that £25 million would be invested in diagnostic testing and that GPs would be given more power to order these tests in England.


Commit to Beat Cancer

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