Peter Andre Fund

Pete in the lab

About the fund

After five years of fundraising with the Peter Andre Fund, Cancer Research UK and Peter are no longer working together to raise money.

We are so grateful to Peter and his supporters for all of their fundraising for our Cancer Awareness Roadshows and into early diagnosis. 

The Peter Andre Fund will be closed as a fundraising campaign however as Peter is a committed supporter of Cancer Research UK we will continue to work closely with him. There are a number of different projects across Cancer Research UK that will benefit from Peter’s support, instead of him being solely focused on the Fund, to help raise awareness of our work and communicate our important health messages.

Where your money went

Since launching Cancer Research UK’s Peter Andre Fund has raised over £450,000 which has helped keep one of the Cancer Awareness Roadshow Units on the road for four years. From April 2017, The Peter Andre Fund will support Cancer Research UK’s work into diagnosing cancers earlier. Some examples of the type of work the Fund will help support are below.

Cancer Research UK has launched a UK-wide Facilitator Programme working with the NHS and over 6,000 GP practices to give staff the training and tools they need to think ‘cancer’ earlier.

Screening tests apparently healthy people for signs of the disease. Screening can save lives by catching cancer before symptoms develop, or even by catching early warning signs of cancer and preventing it developing at all.

Cancer Research UK are funding cutting-edge early diagnosis research in centres across the UK. Researchers are working to discover and develop new diagnostic tests to detect or confirm cancer as early as possible.