Clinical Trials Unit Network Objectives

Our network of core-funded Clinical Trials Units plays a key role in delivering against the strategic priorities set out in our Clinical Research Statement of Intent.

Our CTUs maintain broad portfolios that maximise patient impact, managing early to late phase trials across the network and supporting a balance of trials covering paediatric, teen and adults cancers, as well as population research. Trials are delivered across a broad range of disease types and treatment modalities, including in cancers of unmet need and rare cancers, and there is an increasing focus on biomarker-driven and innovative trial designs.

Develop and support trials that align with the Cancer Research UK Clinical Statement of Intent

Enable triallists to learn as much as they can from patients on their trials and help to facilitate a shift towards scientifically-driven studies and innovative, cost-effective trial designs by engaging the appropriate expertise during trial development and delivery.

Provide leadership for the clinical research community

Act as a hub of expertise in one or more areas, sharing knowledge and information with the research community to drive forward progress.

Contribute to the success of the CRUK Clinical Trial Units network

Work collaboratively with CRUK and the other units in the network to identify solutions to joint challenges, share best practice, and agree common approaches. Contribute to CRUK CTU Network Meetings by sending at least one senior scientific and one senior operational representative.

Drive efficiences in trial set up times

Take a proactive approach to improving trial set up times, including identifying common areas of delay and seeking opportunities to minimise these.

Develop a coordinated approach to working with industry

Seek ways to streamline interactions with industry across the CTU network, including through exploring the development of guidelines or template agreements.

Build the clinical trials workforce of tomorrow

Provide or contribute to training opportunities and initiatives for current and future chief investigators, statisticians and clinical trial unit staff, and take steps to embed scientific expertise in the development of trials.

Ensure high quality patient and public involvement in clinical trials

Promote and support patient and public involvement in clinical trials and seek opportunities to share best practice and maximise innovation.

Engage with CRUK to help drive forward our research strategy and wider organisational objectives

Provide input to CRUK to help shape and progress our research strategy, contribute to policy, research engagement and fundraising work, and enhance our brand presence in the clinical research community.


More clinical research opportunities

Strategy statement - we will learn as much as we can from the  patients on our trials

We support a broad portfolio of clinical and translational research through initiatives including grant funding, training and investments in research facilities and resources.

Useful resources

Designing a clinical trial or study is a complex task, with many practical and regulatory hurdles to cross. Our Funding Managers share 14 resources to help you find advice and navigate the complexities of your study design and application.