Clinical Research Statement of Intent

Clinical Research

We support a broad portfolio of clinical trials and associated translational research, with a focus on maximising benefit for cancer patients.

When you apply to us for funding, our committees will assess your proposal on several criteria, including how it aligns with the priorities set out in our Research Strategy. Decisions made by our Clinical Research Committee will also be guided by this statement of intent.


Statement of intent for Clinical Research

We will maintain a broad portfolio that maximises patient impact

  • Support a broad portfolio of clinical research that includes a range of modalities and disease sites, including rare cancers, and maximises patient impact
  • Prioritise investment in trials studying cancers with unmet need
  • Support a balance of trials conducted in early, pre-invasive, localised disease and metastatic settings in order to improve patient outcomes
  • Invest more in promising, high impact, innovative early phase and first-in-human trials that would not progress otherwise
  • Act decisively as we proactively manage our portfolio
  • Seek opportunities to build and leverage commercial partnerships that accelerate the development of innovative treatments and research

We will learn as much as we can from the patients on our trials

  • Prioritise our investment into scientifically-driven studies that use and analyse biomarkers and imaging, producing valuable biological and clinical information that will optimise treatments
  • Prioritise hypothesis-driven, data-rich, sample collections that support the discovery, validation and qualification of valuable biological information
  • Grow investment in innovative, cost-effective trial designs (e.g. basket trials, umbrella protocols, adaptive trials) that can be supported by strategic long-term investments in trial platforms
  • Encourage investigators to innovate, and selectively accept greater scientific uncertainty in trials where potential impact is high

Clinical trials registration and reporting

Trial reporting icon

As UK's largest funder of academic clinical studies on cancer, we’re committed to ensuring our trials are registered and the results reported. This means that researchers can gain the greatest possible insight from data generated – and maximise benefit for people affected by cancer.

Trial registration and results reporting are included in our grants terms and conditions. Reflecting our dedication to transparency, we monitor registration and reporting compliance and publish the results annually.

Our Research Strategy

Our 2014 Research Strategy

Our ambitious Research Strategy outlines how we will accelerate progress to see three-quarters of people with cancer surviving the disease by 2034. In addition to building our portfolio of translational research, we will achieve our ambitions through a substantial increase in research in other priority areas including early detection of cancer, harder-to-treat cancers, and developing the cancer research leaders of tomorrow.

Our Statement of Intent for clinical research provides an overview of the practical approaches we are taking to implement the strategy through clinical studies, and helps to guide the decisions made by our Clinical Research Committee.

More opportunities for clinical researchers

Clinical Research

We support a broad portfolio of clinical research through grant funding, initiatives and investments in infrastructure, and we have a variety of funding schemes and other opportunities to support your research.

We are also committed to ensuring that clinical academics have the support they need to develop a career in cancer research, and we have a range of opportunities for researchers at all career levels.