Cancer Research UK–Children with Cancer UK Innovation Award

About this scheme


Thank you for your interest in the Cancer Research UK–Children with Cancer UK Innovation Award. We do not have any rounds currently open for this award scheme but we will keep our pages updated. If you would like to submit an application with a focus on children’s and young people’s cancer research, please take a look at our other funding schemes that are available, as such research could be within remit.

Key information

Career level
Early career researcher
Mid-career researcher
Established independent researcher
Non-clinical researcher
Research area
Cancer aetiology
Cancer biology
Imaging research
Materials science
Biomarker research
Pre-clinical research
Radiotherapy research
Early diagnosis
Cancer prevention
Committee review
Funding period
Up to 3 years
Funding amount
Up to £1 million
The Cancer Research UK–Children with Cancer UK Innovation Award is a new initiative to support novel and innovative approaches to childhood cancer research.

You should be a scientist, clinician or health care worker from a UK university, medical school, hospital or research institute.

We are particularly interested in applications that include researchers with expertise beyond paediatric cancer research, such as those working in other cancer fields and those in disciplines outside biomedical research, who are interested in using their knowledge and skills to answer key questions in paediatric cancers.

Scientific remit

These awards are intended to stimulate new activity and collaborations, and to build capacity within UK paediatric cancer research. Projects should be focused on transforming our understanding of paediatric tumour biology and developing innovative new ways to treat, detect and prevent these diseases. 

We especially encourage proposals to investigate one or more of these concepts: 

  • The basis of tumor initiation and progression
  • Novel therapeutic approaches
  • Development of novel biomarkers or methodologies to predict disease progression, to enhance efforts in primary and secondary prevention and intervention
  • Novel models that would enhance pre-clinical research
  • Development of more effective and/or less toxic treatments to improve long-term health and quality of life

If your project is based on a joint collaboration with a US-based research group, you may want to consider the SU2C-CRUK Paediatric Cancer New Discoveries Challenge.

Awards are made up to £1 million for up to 3 years, and can be used to fund: 

  • Salaries for postdoctoral researchers and technical staff 
  • PhD students (stipend, fees and running expenses) 
  • Running expenses 
  • Equipment 
  • Travel expenses related to the research project 

The award cannot be used to fund the salary of the Principal Investigator. 

How to apply to this scheme

Application process

  1. Contact us: You should contact the office before 6 December 2019 to discuss the process and to open an online application form.

  2. Full application: You need to submit your full application by 10 January 2020.

  3. Interview: You'll be invited to an interview with an Expert Review Panel who will make funding recommendations to the Science Committee. ​

All full applications must be made through our electronic Grants Management System (eGMS), where one PI must assume the responsibility of named Lead Applicant.


Full application deadline

Expert Review Panel

Committee review

10 Jan 2020

Feb 2020

May 2020

Before you begin your application

  1. Please ensure you read the following documents:
  2. You must contact the office to discuss your eligibility and suitability of your research proposal

The Science Committee will judge your application on the basis of scientific excellence, innovation and importance to furthering our understanding of cancer or potential benefits to children and young people with cancer.  

  • Scientific excellence: you must have a strong scientific rationale, as well as appropriate experimental design and statistical analyses, to support the proposed research proposal. 

  • Paediatric cancer relevance: your proposed work must have value in advancing the fundamental understanding of children and young people’s cancers and/or improving how these cancers are diagnosed and/or treated. 

  • Track record: you and/or your team members should have an excellent track record and potential to produce outstanding results. 

  • Excellent team and collaborative environment: suitability and feasibility of the Lead Applicant(s) (and supporting roles) to carry out the proposed research with access to the resources and facilities required for the successful fulfilment of the award. The added value of any proposed collaboration and the individual contributions, as well as the steps taken to ensure an effective collaboration. 

  • Resources requested: the costs you can request in an application should be for the direct costs of the research and must be reasonably justified in line with the experimental plans, leveraging existing resources where appropriate. 

Applications are assessed by an Expert Review Panel. Final funding decisions are made by the Science Committee.

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