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All post-award grant management tasks for grantees or host institution administrators must use our online Grants Management System (eGMS).

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These are the key tasks that must be completed online: 

Accepting your award

Before a grant award letter can be sent out, both the lead applicant and the host institution administrator need to accept our funding polices and terms. Once an award has been accepted, it can be activated.

Activating your award

Before a project can begin, the lead applicant must submit the 'activate award task' which is done through eGMS.

Receiving grant award letters

We don’t send grant award letters (GALs) through the post. GALs can be viewed in eGMS by both the grantee and by the host institution administrators.

Submitting financial reconciliation forms

Financial reconciliation forms are now processed through eGMS. These forms will be available in the system within a month after the award has started.

Submitting equipment claim forms

Equipment claim forms are now processed through eGMS, and administrators are able to upload invoices on the system.

Find out about equipment discounts for current grantees.

Reviewing payment schedules

Administrators are able to view all payments that are due from Cancer Research UK to their institution in eGMS.

Submitting scientific milestone reports

Scientific milestone reports are processed through eGMS. Grantees will received an automated email from the system informing them that they need to submit a scientific milestone report by a set deadline. The grantee will be able to download the form that needs to be completed.

With the introduction of Researchfish, where Attributable Publications are required for a scientific milestone report Grantees will download their relevant publications from Researchfish and upload this document in the scientific milestone report task. You can read more about this in our Research Evaluation section.

Submitting final reports

Due to the implementation of Researchfish, CRUK will not be requiring the submission of a final report for the majority of our funding schemes. There are some exceptions to this and existing grantees will be notified about how this will affect them, with specific reporting requirements outlined in Grant Award Letters moving forward.

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