Future Leaders in Cancer Research Prize


Due to the current COVID-19 situation, nominations for all our researcher prizes have been postponed until Spring 2021.

This prize recognises individuals who have demonstrated the potential to achieve world-leading status by producing research of international importance.

Key information

Awarded to

Awarded to

Early-career group leaders

Prize value

Prize value

£100,000 for research purposes

Key dates

Nominations open

Postponed until 2021


Nominations close

Postponed until 2021

In addition to the research award, commemorative trophy and an invitation to the CRUK Researchers' Retreat, the Future Leaders Prize winner is invited to submit a Review article to the British Journal of Cancer.


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The Future Leaders in Cancer Research Prize is awarded annually to up to three outstanding cancer researchers nominated by their peers and selected by an international panel.

  • Candidates must have established their independence, and be in the process of transitioning to scientific leadership. Please see our competency framework for fellowships for more details of the respective career stages. We would expect candidates to be at the late stage of “Establish independence” or early stage of “Transition to scientific leadership”.
  • Candidates cannot nominate themselves.
  • Candidates must have produced international quality research outputs, and be committed to building their research career within the UK.
  • The candidate’s research can be aligned with any fields covered by our Research Strategy, including work to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and optimisation of cancer treatments.
  • Candidates need not be in receipt of funding from Cancer Research UK, or have been supported, either directly or indirectly, by Cancer Research UK.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the race, age, gender, nationality, or religious or political views of a candidate.
  • The Prize will be presented to an individual investigator.

Cancer Research UK is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.  We’re seeking nominations from a diverse range of backgrounds for this Prize.

The application process has two stages:

  1. the nominator proposes the candidate
  2. the candidate is then invited to confirm nomination and provide supporting documents

To make a nomination, please submit the name and host institute of the candidate to prizes@cancer.org.uk. Candidates will be contacted and invited to confirm their nomination to be considered by our CRUK Prizes Panel.

Nominators are invited to submit a letter of support detailing the candidate’s scientific discoveries or body of work; how these contributions have had a lasting impact on the field; and how he/she has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the fight against cancer.

Paper nominations will not be accepted. A nomination should not be considered submitted until Cancer Research UK has issued an email confirming this. Confirmations will be sent within five working days of the submission deadline.

Nominated Candidates will be contacted by CRUK and invited to confirm their nomination to be considered at the next CRUK Research Prizes Panel Meeting.

The following materials must be submitted with the confirmation:

  1. A completed confirmation form
  2. Candidate’s CV (including Orchid ID)
  3. Two Letters of Support, at least one from an expert in the field. One Letter of Support can be from the nominator. All Letters of Support should state the relationship to the candidate. Letters should state how the candidate has demonstrated the potential to achieve world-leading status by producing research of international importance and their professional contributions to the wider community. The Letters can also state the candidate's personal leadership skills, how they have developed and supported their team to develop personal and scientific skills; their collaboration, communication and engagement skills.

Confirmation of nominations must be submitted electronically to prizes@cancer.org.uk.

Nominations, and confirmation of nominations including submission of supporting documents, must be sent electronically to prizes@cancer.org.uk by 9 April 2020 (3pm BST).

Ms Clemency Jolly
Research Funding Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 20346983796

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