Case studies of multidisciplinary collaborations

Read advice on applying for funding from some of our current grantees with a range of backgrounds and expertise.

These case studies feature researchers from outside of traditional cancer research fields who have used CRUK funding to team up with our researchers and apply their expertise to cancer problems.

Creating a genomic map of the immune response

Immunologist Dr Sarah Teichmann and cancer researcher Dr Jacqui Shields are combining expertise to create a map of the immune response against cancer using single cell genomics.

Microbubbles used to encapsulate and deliver anti-cancer drugs viewed using fluorescent microscopy. Courtesy of Eleanor Stride.

Bubbles, ultrasound and radiotherapy: creating a new approach to drug delivery

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford are sharing their respective expertise to unlock exciting new approaches in chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cell Motility Laboratory at the LRI

Combining models and molecules to understand metastasis

Mathematician Dr John MacKenzie and molecular biologist Professor Robert Insall have teamed up to take a novel approach to understanding cell migration.

More case studies

We also have case studies from researchers at all levels of career development, and across our research areas and strategic priorities.

Supporting multidisciplinary collaboration

Our Multidisciplinary Project Award supports collaborations between cancer researchers and scientists from engineering/physical science disciplines.

Opportunities for immunologists

Our Cancer Immunology Project Awards seek to build the UK’s research base in cancer immunology by funding immunologists who have not previosly worked on cancer problems.