Clinical Research Committee

The Clinical Research Committee oversees funding and endorsement of investigator-led clinical trials, and other research supporting or enabling clinical trials.

Research areas

CRC maintains a broad portfolio that maximises patient impact. We support a balance of research across the range of modalities and disease sites, conducted in early, pre-invasive, localised disease and metastatic settings.

Our investment priorities include:

  • Cancers of unmet need (lung, oesophageal, pancreatic and brain cancers)
  • Promising, high impact and innovative trials that would not otherwise progress
  • Scientifically-driven studies that use and analyse biomarkers and imaging, producing valuable biological and clinical information that will optimise treatments
  • Hypothesis-driven, data-rich sample collections that support the validation and qualification of valuable biological information
  • Innovative, cost-effective trial designs that can be supported by strategic long-term investments in trial platforms

Funding schemes

On occasion, the CRC also reviews strategic initiatives in areas of high strategic priority, such as cancers of unmet need. These are typically large scale, ambitious research proposals which bring together the research community around a specific problem and which, if successful, would result in a significant step forward against the CRUK research strategy. If you would like to discuss such a concept, please get in touch using the contact details below.

More clinical research opportunities

We support a broad portfolio of clinical and translational research through response mode funding, partnership initiatives and investments in clinical infrastructure.

Committee and Panel Members

​Chair of the Clinical Research Committee

Professor Rob Bristow – The University of Manchester

Vice Chairs of the Clinical Research Committee

Professor Frances Balkwill - Queen Mary, University of London

Professor Charlotte Coles - The University of Cambridge

Members of the Clinical Research Committee

Professor Gerhardt Attard - University College London

Dr Bristi Basu - The University of Cambridge

Professor James Brenton – University of Cambridge (Chair of the Clinical Expert Review Panel)

Professor Sarah Brown - The University of Leeds

Professor Andy Davies - The University of Southampton

Professor Nandita deSouza – The Institute of Cancer Research (Vice-Chair of the Clinical Expert Review Panel)

Professor Charlie Gourley - The University of Edinburgh 

Dr Alastair Greystoke - Newcastle University

Dr Mariam Jamal-Hanjani - University College London

Professor Simon Leedham - The University of Oxford

Professor Paul Lorigan - The University of Manchester

Dr Stefan Michiels - Gustave Roussy

Dr Jessica Okosun - Queen Mary, University of London/Barts Cancer Institute

Dr Gudrun Schleiermacher - Institute Curie

Professor Andrew Tutt - The Institute of Cancer Research

Professor Christina Yap - The Institute of Cancer Research

Chair of the Clinical Research Monitoring Panel

Dr Natalie Cook - University of Manchester

Vice Chair of the Clinical Research Monitoring Panel

Professor Emma Hall - Institute of Cancer Research

Members of the Clinical Research Monitoring Panel

Professor John Chester - Cardiff University

Dr Graham Collins - University of Oxford

Dr John Moppett - University Hospitals Bristol

Ms Sarah Pearson - University of Oxford

Professor John Staffurth - Cardiff University

Mr Richard Stephens - Patient Representative

Professor Richard Wilson - University of Glasgow

Mrs Andrea Harkin - University of Glasgow

There are 8 Patient and Public Involvement Representatives supporting our Clinical Research Committee and associated panels as full voting Members:

Ms Caroline Cross

Mr Matthew Baker

Ms Debbie Keatley

Ms Maisie McKenzie

Ms Sonia Patton

Ms Janette Rawlinson

Mr Richard Stephens

Ms Julie Wolfarth

The Clinical Expert Review Panel is a predominantly ad-hoc Panel with the addition of Standing Panel Members:

Dr Kim Linton - University of Manchester

Professor Anthony Moorman - Newcastle University


How proposals are judged

The Committee and its Expert Review Panels meet three times per year and assess all applications on the basis of their scientific quality, taking into consideration comments collected from expert peer reviewers. The Committee strategically assess applications based on their alignment to the Statement of Intent for Clinical Research (PDF), and our Research Strategy.

Read terms of reference for this committee

How grants are monitored

Grants are monitored through the Clinical Research Monitoring Panel (CRMP). The Panel meets three times per year to review annual Scientific Milestone Reports and determine whether to continue support.

Read the terms of reference for the CRMP

To contact this committee

Please email: