Accelerator Award: Scientific remit

The Accelerator Award allows you to develop the resources, tools, platforms and skills that form the foundations of translational cancer research. 

Strategic priorities

While we aim to fund a broad portfolio, we particularly welcome applications which address the shared priorities of the three funders.

In our ambitious Research Strategy, we set out how we will accelerate progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We aim to maintain a broad research portfolio, but to grow our investment in priority areas including:

  • Basic understanding of cancer

  • Early detection and diagnosis

  • Therapeutic innovation and optimisation across all modalities

  • Hard-to-treat cancers (brain, lung, oesophageal and pancreatic)

  • Precision medicine

  • Cancer prevention

AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research uses its funds to support cancer research in Italy. Its mission is to understand, prevent and cure cancer through research and outreach activities. AIRC aims to find solutions to challenges in cancer research, awarding grants to the most deserving projects, as well as supporting training fellowships. AIRC is collaborating with other international cancer research charities and organisations to accelerate the attainment of its mission. 

Fundación Científica de la Asociacion Española Contra el Cáncer’s vision is to reduce the impact of cancer by accelerating scientific findings, promoting innovation and consolidating cancer research within Spain. It aims to meet these objectives by funding high quality projects at all stages of cancer, and promoting scientific talent. Its strategic priorities include globalisation, clinical research, as well as research in rare cancers.

In partnership with

A partnership between CRUK and Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC) and Fundación Científica de la Asociacion Española Contra el Cáncer (FC AECC)