Flame of Hope Awards

Flame of Hope award winners at an afternoon tea awards ceremony sitting round a table smiling

RSVP to an afternoon tea event

If you've been invited to attend our afternoon tea celebration in Belfast, please click below to RSVP by Friday 3rd March. Alternatively, you can call 0203 469 8800 to speak to a member of staff.

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What are the Flame of Hope Awards?

The Flame of Hope awards are Cancer Research UK’s annual awards that celebrate the achievements of our most outstanding and inspiring volunteers.  
Our 2023 award ceremonies will mark 20 years since our first Flame of Hope celebration and since then, we’ve presented over 1,700 Flame of Hope awards to thank the committed individuals who give their time and energy to help beat cancer. 
This year we are delighted to announce that we received a record-breaking 835 nominations from staff and volunteers across the country.

What happens next?

All nominations have been shortlisted by Cancer Research UK staff members and previous Flame of Hope winners. The shortlisted nominees were then reviewed by our experienced Flame of Hope awards panel, who made some tough decisions to decide our winners.  
January – we'll be contacting all winners by post, to formally notify them of their award on behalf of Cancer Research UK and inviting them to a special afternoon tea event where they’ll accept their award alongside other winners in their area.  
If you’ve received an invite to attend an afternoon tea event and would like to RSVP, you can do so by clicking here or by calling 0203 469 8800 and speaking to a member of staff.  
February – nominees who have received a Special Commendation will receive a letter, certificate and Flame of Hope pin badge either in the post or via their Volunteer Manager. 
Volunteers who received a nomination but were not selected as a winner will receive a letter and certificate in the post in recognition of their nomination and outstanding contribution to the charity. 
March – we will host six regional afternoon tea events across the country to celebrate the success of our Flame of Hope winners. The events will also mark 20 years since our first Flame of Hope celebration took place!

When will nominations open again?

We expect nominations to open in the summer of 2023, and we’ll be sharing a more detailed timeline in the New Year.