Campaign cash counting guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below to securely count and bank your donations.

  • Make sure all bucket or goblet seals are intact.  If seals have been tampered with, please notify your collections coordinator (Area Manager, Local Fundraising Manager or Account Manager).
  • Cash donations must be counted and signed for by two unrelated individuals, where possible.
  • If you have deposited any cash throughout the day at the bank, please keep hold of your receipt and attach an electronic copy to the online form.
  • Cash should never be left unattended.  Any cash not banked immediately must be left in a safe and secure location (eg, a lockable cabinet).

If we hold collections on public land, we are required by law to submit the result of the collection to the council, even if it did not go ahead. 

When we collect on private sites, including our partners (eg, Tesco), it’s also important that we are able to let them know how much we have raised, as we need to know the value of the partnership, and they need to report on their CSR activity.

It’s therefore important to count cash accurately and properly, and to report it to the campaigns team via the online form.