Cancer Research UK and LGBTQIA+ Pride

A photo of a group of people wearing CRUK t-shirts and looking happy at Manchester Pride 2023



We’re proud to support, be part of and raise awareness for the LGBTQIA+ community

We’re tackling cancer inequalities so everyone can live longer, better lives.

We’re creating an inclusive organisation for our people from the shop floor to the lab to make the greatest progress in our collective fight against cancer.

Together we are beating cancer. And beating cancer means beating it for everyone. 



Cancer inequalities and LGBTQIA+

We want equal access to cancer care for everyone. But right now, the LGBTQIA+ community experience inequalities throughout their cancer journey from access to screening and diagnosis, clinical care, communication and overall experience. 

A photo of Dr. Alison Berner and a photo of Stewart O’Callaghan

How can we improve LGBTQIA+ cancer care? – That Cancer Conversation

For our podcast That Cancer Conversation, we spoke to Dr Alison Berner and CEO of the LGBTQIA+ cancer charity OUTpatients (formerly Live Through This), Stewart O’Callaghan. Recorded in 2023, we dive into inequalities and what we can do to make cancer care more inclusive for everyone.



Transgender and non-binary people and cancer screening

Cancer screening can find cancer at an early stage when treatment is more likely to be successful, or even prevent it from developing in the first place. Transgender and non-binary people may face additional barriers to attending screenings including not getting invites, confusion over who’s eligible and gender dysphoria. We want to try to remove barriers so that everyone has the choice to attend. 

A photo of a person writing on a paper

I’m trans or non-binary, does this affect my cancer screening?

Help spot cancer early with cervical, breast and bowel screening for transgender or non-binary people.

A photo of a person having cervical screening

Research shows one size doesn’t fit all for cervical screening in the trans and non-binary community

Cervical screening is for anyone aged 25–64 with a cervix. Learn more about removing barriers to cervical screening in the trans and non-binary community.



Pride all year round at Cancer Research UK

We don’t just celebrate Pride once a year, we celebrate it every day. Discover how we’re championing the LGBTQIA+ community beyond Pride month.

A photo of a French bulldog sitting on the bottom of a rainbow-coloured gown

Our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

We believe that having equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the heart of our work is the best way to beat cancer. Creating a diverse workforce and inclusive culture which supports people to reach their full potential is an important priority for us.

A photo of a group of people wearing CRUK t-shirts and looking happy at London Pride 2023

Pride events

Celebrate Pride with us! Join us at different events across the country. 

We hope to see you there! 


A photo of a group of people wearing CRUK t-shirts and looking happy at Manchester Pride 2023

Pride staff network

Our Pride network is for all LGBTQIA+ staff and allies. We meet to discuss progress, new challenges and interesting topics related to our communities within and outside the charity. Across the year, we put on a range of educational and awareness raising events for all staff and organise Cancer Research UK at the Pride in London parade.



Volunteering with Pride to beat cancer

A photo of Brett a CRUK volunteer

Brett Hadley is a volunteer at our Rotherham store and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

A few days ago was my seven-year anniversary with Cancer Research UK shops. Thousands of hours, a Shop Volunteer of the Year award and an actual cancer diagnosis (and recovery) later, and here I am! Still devoted and volunteering several days a week. Here’s to the next seven years!

– Brett, 2023.

We’re thrilled Brett joined us to celebrate Pride in London 2023.



LGBTQIA+ in cancer research

Inclusivity is vital toachieving our goal of beating cancer and we’re proud to support and work alongsidethe LGBTQIA+ community in our work.

A photo of Dr. David Bryant

Let’s talk about LGBTQIA+ in cancer research

We’re pleased to have world-leading cancer researchers from the LGBTQIA+ community working to beat cancer. Watch our scientists share their experience and expertise on LGBTQIA+ issues and cancer research.

An image of The Progress Pride flag

Pride in STEM

Our LGBTQIA+ researchers are making more tomorrows possible. Hear from of our scientists on the power of diversity and why bringing your full self to research is so important.




Taking pride in our LGBTQIA+ researchers

A photo of Dr. Amy Tibbo

I think one thing that we need more than ever is to show young people thinking about coming into science that there are lots of LGBTQIA+ scientists and allies that are always happy to offer advice and support you. You are not alone in your scientific journey.

Dr Amy Tibbo, Research Associate at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research



We’re here for you

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From our shop

With our online shop, every purchase supports life-saving research. And we have a fantastic selection of Pride rainbow items to choose from.


A photo of people wearing CRUK t-shirts and smiling at a Pride parade


It's thanks to the generosity of our supporters that we can continue to make progress for all people affected by cancer. And it’s working, over the last 50 years, we’ve doubled cancer survival in the UK.

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Our volunteers are at the heart of our communities. From shops to events to volunteers, find the right opportunity to get involved, learn new skills and help beat cancer.