Cancer information

A photo of a woman sitting at her kitchen table reading a cancer information leaflet

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Everything about cancer

Discover useful information about:  

  • your type of cancer and its treatment 
  • symptoms and cancer waiting times (in the ‘worried about cancer’ section) 
  • clinical trials you may be able to join
  • coping with cancer (mentally, physically and practically) 

Speak to a nurse about cancer

Call our specialist Cancer Research UK nurses or write to them if you, or someone close to you, has been affected by cancer and you need support.

Chat with others in the cancer community

Join our online Cancer Chat forum to chat to a friendly community of people affected by cancer.

Health materials

Explore our leaflets, posters, infographics and materials including 'your cancer treatment record'.  

Our health materials cover topics ranging from reducing cancer risk and spotting cancer, to early diagnosis and 'your urgent referral explained'. 

We also have resources for health professionals, including cancer news and statistics. 

Our research

Find out more about our research across the country, from different cancer types and topics (such as clinical trials and new technologies) to our cancer strategy and the progress our research has made.