July Update

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 Volunteer update

Can you believe it's July already? I hope you're enjoying the warm weather and keeping safe in the sun.

This month, we're putting a spotlight on our new organisation values: Bold, Human, Credible and Together. Values are what drive us, so taking the time to identify the ones we share, and the ideals we have in common, is powerful. You can read more about these, and what they mean for you below.

Our new partnership with the Retail Trust means that, as a retail volunteer, you can now access free and confidential health and wellbeing support. This is part of our new approach to wellbeing, which we hope will help us to create an environment where we can all do our best work and feel supported.

We recently opened our first high street superstore in Newcastle-under-Lyme. We've now opened 35 superstores, and we're not stopping there! We're excited that our new superstore in Newbury will be opening soon.

Julie Byard

Director of Trading Cancer Research UK

Our refreshed organisation values

Uniting us even further in our mission to beat cancer

New org values - bold, human, credible and together

We’ve recently launched some refreshed organisation values that have been shaped by our people, including our volunteers, advocates and supporters.

Our shared values help us to bring our best to what we do, ensuring that CRUK is a great charity to be part of. They embody the best of our charity now and what we aspire to be in the future, helping us build a culture that we can continue to be proud of and uniting us all even further in our mission to beat cancer together.

Read more about our values – what they mean and how we developed them together.

Our partnership with the Retail Trust

Supporting you and your wellbeing

Retail trust

As you may know, we’ve recently launched an exciting partnership with the Retail Trust. This means that, as a retail volunteer, you can now access tailored, free and confidential health and wellbeing support.

Since 1832, the Retail Trust has been a charity caring for and protecting the lives of people working in retail. You can watch a video about how the Retail Trust supports colleagues and volunteers with their wellbeing below. 


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The Retail Trust wellbeing services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can provide you with emotional support, financial support and legal guidance on 0808 801 0808. Or, visit the website on retailtrust.org.uk for access to wellbeing content, resources and an app with over 100 retail discounts available.

30 July is International Day of Friendship!

Spotlight on the Cwmbran shop team

Cwmbran store

International Day of Friendship is coming up later this month, which is a great opportunity to celebrate all the friends that have been made in shops up and down the UK.

We heard from some of the volunteers at the Cwmbran shop, or “the CRUK family” as they affectionately call themselves, about what it's like volunteering as part of their team.

"I’ve been volunteering for two years and chose CRUK because of previous experience I’ve had with cancer. I’ve made lots of friends through volunteering and I love the feeling of being part of a team.” - Sue

“I’ve been volunteering for about 6 months and the good that I and others are doing inspires me to continue to volunteer with CRUK. I’ve made loads of new friends and revived a few old friends too.” – Adrian

“I’ve made lots of friends and I like to come and help. Everyone is so happy and friendly, and we always smile and laugh. One of my friends put on voices which always makes me laugh when I’m in the shop.” - Debbie

“I'm one of the Cwmbran store’s very first volunteers and have been here pretty much since we opened. I've made friends at the shop, and I really enjoy coming in. It's great to be part of a team." - Danny

"I started volunteering a year ago and I’ve been coming back ever since! You do feel like you’re making a difference. Everyone has the same focus - get the best clothes out and make it the best experience. I really enjoy volunteering and the shop wouldn’t be a success without the team’s spirit." - Gail

Superstore openings

Celebrating our very first superstore on the high street

Julie Byard at Newcastle store opening

We recently opened our superstore in Newcastle-under-Lyme! Newcastle-under-Lyme is our 35th superstore and everything is sold for £5 or less. Our opening day saw shoppers queuing outside the door! You can watch a video of the opening day below. At 4000 square foot, this store is the first of its kind on the high street.


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We’re delighted to be looking ahead to our next superstore opening in Newbury soon too. We’ll be looking for more volunteers to join us in-store, with two hours a week or more to spare, to help us raise more funds for life-saving research at our latest location.

Problems or queries?

Your managers are here to help you

Two volunteers decorating a shop window

As a volunteer you are hugely valued by Cancer Research UK, donating your time and skills to help us beat cancer. For the majority we know this is a positive experience, however we understand that problems can sometimes arise.

If you have a concern or you want to talk about your volunteering, we’d encourage you to speak to your shop manager first, or if needed the Area Manager.

We're here to support you 

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If you received a link to this information by text message it is because you volunteer in one of our shops. If you’d like to stop receiving text messages from Cancer Research UK, or make changes to how we communicate with you, please contact preferences@cancer.org.uk.