Honorary Fellowships - Volunteer Fundraising

Flame of Hope Awards Honorary Fellowships


These are awarded to volunteer fundraisers who have given at least 15 years of service. 

Find out more about our 16 incredible volunteer fundraisers receiving an Honorary Fellowship this year...

Alan Reeve


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 15 years!

‘‘Honorary Treasurer for Taunton & District Local Committee for the last 15 years, Alan has been instrumental in their success of raising £50,152 during a pandemic year; just £4,000 less than the previous year. Alan consistently seeks opportunities to support Cancer Research UK and his determination certainly didn’t decelerate during the pandemic. He wrote many bespoke letters to organisations, trusts and charities, receiving many replies and donations in return, amounting to just under £20,000. Alan’s loyalty to the charity shines through in everything he does, and he is always on hand to support others.’’ 

Alastair and Helen Nicolson

A and H

Have been volunteer fundraisers for 34 years! 

‘‘Since joining in 1986, Alastair and Helen have been the stalwarts of the Isle of Skye Local Fundraising Committee. With the support of his wife Helen, Alastair has chaired the committee for an incredible 34 years and together they have ensured the longevity of the group and its success. This year sees the committee celebrate their 40th year of fundraising and in that time, they have raised an amazing £1million for Cancer Research UK. Both Alastair and Helen demonstrate outstanding loyalty to the charity, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.’’ 

Angie Shearer


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 20 years!

‘‘Angie first entered a team into Relay For Life Aberdeen at the age of 16 in 2001. 20 years on, she has celebrated raising £1million with family. From 2005 to 2012, Angie accepted the invitation without hesitation to become Event Chair. She subsequently set up the hugely successful Relay For Life Peterhead, one of the largest Relay’s in the UK, becoming the first to reach £1million in 2014 and £2million in 2019. Angie continues to ambitiously fundraise with the annual Twilight Walk and promote the work of Cancer Research UK within her community.’’ 

Archie Bingham


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 18 years!

‘‘Archie became Chairperson of the Newcastle & Mourne Committee in 2008 after serving as an active member of the group, which was formed in 1976. He has since supported the committee to raise approximately £17,000 year on year. Archie has built lasting relationships in his local community, promoting the charity and raising vital funds alongside businesses, schools and groups. His connections have seen him spearhead golf tournaments, craft fairs and carol services, to name a few. Archie is passionate about helping those in their fight against cancer, alongside a committee whom he regards as family.’’ 


Brian Porter and Friedle Porter

B and F

Have been volunteer fundraisers for 23 years!

‘‘Brian and Friedle have been pivotal to the success of the Dartford Committee and take every opportunity that comes their way with passion and enthusiasm. Since joining the group in 1998, Brian as Special Events Co-ordinator and Friedle as Vice-Chair, the pair have been integral in raising over £2million towards the Committee’s £4milllion milestone. They volunteer seven days a week and play a large role in organising events, speaking to local fundraisers and building relationships with local businesses. They are proud to talk about the work of Cancer Research UK and are valued members of their community.’’ 

Felicity Wye


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 21 years!

‘‘Since joining a group of committee fundraisers in 2000, Felicity (also known as Flippi) has played an enormous role as Treasurer and sole fundraiser for the group, contributing £382,000 to Cancer Research UK. Despite challenges in her personal life and having planned to retire from volunteering in 2020, Flippi stayed involved to support the charity through the pandemic, which is added testament to her loyalty. Over the years she has secured support from her local community and has been a positive advocate as the local face of the charity. She will be missed when she retires later this year.’’ 

Gill Hedges


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 40 years!

‘‘Volunteering for over 40 years, Gill has shown constant loyalty to the charity and the Southport Committee. Taking over from her husband Tony as Chair, Gill worked closely with her Fundraising Manager to ensure continuation of the group by recognising long standing members and engaging them in fundraising activities. Gill was instrumental in organising an annual golf day at the Royal Birkdale Golf Course, which regularly raised over £10,000 each year. Gill continues to spread awareness and support Cancer Research UK.’’ 

Jane Wickens


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 30 years!

‘‘A long standing member of a local fundraising committee for 30 years, Jane uses her incredible talent to lead on logistics and deliver professional standard fundraising events. She has managed 18 charity balls, as well as music events, fashion shows and two Relay For Life events. These fundraisers have seen Jane raise over £620,000 and she shows no signs of stopping. Last year, Jane diversified into virtual events during the pandemic, helping to develop new and innovative ways to fundraise.’’ 

Jean Horner


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 45 years!

‘‘Jean’s commitment to the charity began over 45 years ago. Helping her mother who was one of the founder members of the Great Eccleston Committee, she became Secretary then Chairperson of the group. Jean decided along with two friends to establish a local group, Help Beat Cancer, and her involvement has led the group to raise over £191,000 in just seven years. The group attend Race for Life events, and fundraise through sponsored Bike Rides, Sky Dives and luncheons. They are currently organising a Woof Walkies, a coffee morning and an Evening Party. Jean is a true ambassador for the charity.’’ 


Jean Purdy


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 23 years!

‘‘A strong figurehead and Chair of the Scarrington Committee for the past 13 years, Jean’s leadership has seen the group raise £110,000, bringing their total to almost half a million. Having experienced cancer first-hand, Jean speaks about the vital work of Cancer Research UK at committee meetings and events. In a normal year, Jean opens up her house for the Committee’s annual Coffee Morning and each year she helps organise their Ploughmans Lunch and Bacon Baps & Bubbly event. Jean’s fellow Committee members commented what a pleasure it is to have her as Chair.’’ 

Kerry Coles


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 20 years!  

‘‘Kerry has raised over £14,500 by taking part in Cancer Research UK events over the last 20 years. Kerry’s mother sadly lost her battle with breast cancer when she was just 45. Wanting to raise awareness of the disease, Kerry shared her mother’s story, which subsequently went on to be published on a Hallmark Mothers’ Day card, as well as on social media and in the local newspaper. As the Race for Life champion for Tesco in Loughborough for the last 11 years, Kerry vows to continue raising as much money as possible and is a true inspiration.’’ 

Margaret Ridley


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 21 years!

‘‘A much loved member of the Herne Bay Committee, Margaret joined in 2000 and was elected treasurer a year later. Having raised £370,000 since being in post, Margaret has played an integral part in the Committee’s success, dedicating her time, often on evenings and weekends, to meet with and thank local supporters. Margaret has helped to build many important relationships in the area, including a local nursery, which has allowed them to hold regular collections for Cancer Research UK and host a Christmas raffle. She puts her heart and soul into the Committee and its fundraising.’’  


Peter Parkin


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 30 years!

‘‘Peter has been a dedicated member of the Theydon Bois & District Friends Committee since 1992. He has played a key role in the Committee’s success and enthusiastically took up the position of Chairman in 2006, helping to raise £294,000 during this time. Peter attends nearly every supporter event he is invited to, bringing along fellow Committee members and driving them to the venue. He is often the first on site at an event or cash collection, and remains long after his shift has finished. This is just one reflection of how Peter leads by excellent example.’’ 

Simon West


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 20 years!

‘‘A supporter of Cancer Research UK for 20 years, Simon has headed The Louth Run for Life since 2005. Starting with just a few runners, the event now welcomes over 1,000 participants each year. When the run was unable to go ahead last year, Simon rallied volunteers and came to the aid of the Trading team, collecting bags of stock at local donation stations and raising over £30,000. Simon’s leadership is testament to the group raising over half a million pounds for Cancer Research UK.’’


Stan Winterton


Has been a volunteer fundraiser for 45 years!

‘‘Stan, President of the Cheddleton Carnival Local Committee, has been a member of the group for a phenomenal 45 years. Throughout this time he has played an integral part in the committee’s vast array of activities, raising £1.2million in this period. Undoubtedly Stan’s greatest achievement is the Cheddleton Pudding Run, which is now in it’s 38th year and has raised a staggering £116,000. Stan never misses an opportunity to put the charity at the top of his agenda. His commitment is outstanding and he encourages everyone he meets to support the cause.’’ 


Tony and Kirsty Wade

Tony and Kirsty

Have been volunteer fundraisers for 15 years!

‘‘Kirsty and Tony Wade are dedicated members of the Isle of Lewis Committee. Inspired by their love of exercise and the outdoors, the couple organised the inaugural Women’s Cancer Challenge in 2006. The 5k event is the largest sporting participation event in the Western Isles, bringing together women of all ages and sporting abilities. To date, the event has raised £131,000 for Cancer Research UK and when the pandemic hit last year, Kirsty and Tony demonstrated their commitment by adapting the challenge into a virtual event. Its popularity unites the local community.’’