Honorary Fellowships - Events

Flame of Hope Awards Honorary Fellowships


These are awarded to event volunteers who have given at least 10 years of service. 

Find out more about our 12 incredible event volunteers receiving an Honorary Fellowship this year...

Meet our winners

Charles Prince


Volunteering at our events for 12 years!

‘‘Described as a volunteer hero, Charles has volunteered at over 100 events across East Anglia and beyond. Prince Charles, as he is known to the team, can usually be found marshalling and cheering on participants as well as helping with set up and clear down. He cares deeply about the event participant experience but would never accept praise for his role in creating it. A true ambassador for Cancer Research UK, Charles is utterly selfless with his time and friendship.’’


Christine Gau


Volunteering at our events for 11 years!

‘‘Christine’s dedication sees her volunteering at over 15 events every year. Despite declaring that she is not a morning person, she will arrive bright and early to help with set up before taking on the role of volunteer manager. Her love of volunteering rubs off on those around her and she ensures other volunteers and participants get the best experience possible. Christine takes everything in her stride, and you know with any task given, it will be carried out with very capable hands.’’ 

Colin and Cherie Beckett

Colin and Cherie

Volunteering at our events for 15 years!

‘‘Key members of the Harlow Race for Life team, Colin and his daughter Cherie are a force to be reckoned with, playing an integral part in the delivery of the event. Leading both the event set up and then the marshalling team, they really care about the success of the event. They use their experience, knowledge and passion to promote the event and rally up fellow volunteers. Colin and Cherie really go that extra mile and do everything they can to make Race for Life a huge success.’’ 

Duncan Whitehead


Volunteering at our events for 12 years! 

‘‘Duncan gives his time consistently to our events across Essex.  No matter what role we give him, we can count on him as a safe pair of hands on site.  Friendly and capable, he is able to take on any challenge thrown at him as well as taking new volunteers under his wing.  During the pandemic, Duncan kept in touch, demonstrating his commitment by making it clear he was ready to return once events were back up and running.’’

Gail-Marie Shapter


Volunteering at our events for 10 years!

‘‘Gail-Marie is a passionate volunteer, hosting Race for Life events all the way from Bath to Penzance. Dressed in a whirlwind of pink and always with a smile on her face, she is first on site in the morning and last to leave after the race. She goes above and beyond, getting stuck in at every opportunity and ensuring everyone is in the event day spirit. Gail-Marie is so compassionate, full of energy and completely devoted to the cause. When she’s on site, you know it’s going to be a great day.’’ 

Les Woodley


Volunteering at our events for 14 years!

‘‘Les has loyally supported at over 100 events across Essex and London, including Race for Life and Pretty Muddy. He cares deeply about the participant experience and can be found marshalling the courses and cheering on runners. He provides valuable and unconditional support to event managers and fellow volunteers, making sure everyone feels they are part of the team. Les was quick to sign up to our events when they returned this year. He is ready and willing to help and his support is priceless.’’ 

Stephen Owen


Volunteering at our events for 12 years!

‘‘A true ambassador for Cancer Research UK, Stephen supports at a number of events across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Over the last 10 years plus, Stephen has gradually taken on more roles including race marshal, backmarker, stage manager and most recently has become integral in helping set up the courses. Stephen’s resilience, attention to detail and positive attitude make him an amazing asset to the events team and a pleasure to have on site.’’ 


Stuart Ince and Christine Gooden

Christine and Stuart

Volunteering at our events for 13 years!

‘‘Stuart and Christine are integral members of the Hertfordshire Race for Life team. They began volunteering individually, but soon became the brilliant duo they are today. Managing the enquiries marquee at up to five events a year, Stuart and Christine are professionals at what they do. In addition to supporting on event days, they distribute Race for Life flyers in their local communities and rally support from friends and family. They are two regular friendly faces that are helping to establish a tight-knit team of brilliant volunteers.’’

Susie Jackson


Volunteering at our events for 14 years!

‘‘Often taking on the role of Volunteer Manager, Susie is the face of Cancer Research UK for so many of our Race for Life volunteers. She plays a crucial part in ensuring everyone feels welcomed, valued and has a great experience. Having been affected by cancer personally, Susie has also helped to raise awareness of volunteering with Cancer Research UK by sharing her story and encouraging others to volunteer. Her relentless passion for the charity is infectious and results in our volunteers having an amazing experience.’’ 

Tim Dobbs


Volunteering at our events for 12 years!

‘‘A real champion and supporter of Cancer Research UK, Tim consistently supports at Race for Life events across Kent and the South. An incredibly hard worker on event day, Tim is the first person on site in the morning and stays until the end, making sure everything is completed and packed away before heading home. He’s always willing to lend a hand and does everything with a smile on his face, making a real difference to the atmosphere on event day.’’ 


Vanessa Cheung


Volunteering at our events for 13 years!

‘‘Vanessa’s dedication and commitment has seen her volunteer at over 150 events. She goes above and beyond, often giving up her weekends to support at multiple events across summer and autumn. Vanessa has taken on many key roles on event day, including admin, course marshal and volunteer manager. She’s keen to improve processes for both volunteers and supporters, and offers feedback and suggestions to improve future events. Vanessa takes new volunteers under her wing and makes everyone feel incredibly welcomed and involved.’’ 

Veronica Hyland


Volunteering at our events for 12 years!

‘‘Veronica has supported at many events across Greater Manchester and Cheshire during her ten years plus of volunteering with the charity. She’s excelled in every role she’s taken on and her love of the events and Cancer Research UK really shines through. Veronica has first-hand experience of cancer, but her diagnosis has never held her back and she continues to share her story to thousands of people at our events. She is a lovely person who has made herself invaluable to the events team.’’ 


Congratulations to all our event volunteers receiving Honorary Fellowships this year!