Privacy Policy for World Cancer Day Info Google Action

This privacy policy sets outs how Cancer Research UK’s World Cancer Day Info Google Action uses information.  

The purpose of the Action is to provide information about World Cancer Day (an international event of the Union for International Cancer Control), and information on where it is possible to obtain a Cancer Research UK Unity Band® to show support for the event in the UK.

What information does the World Cancer Day Info Google Action (the “Action”) collect?

The Action will keep a record of questions which it has been asked, and the answers the Action has given. 

It will also keep a record of:

  • the unique user identification number that you have been assigned by Google relating to your use of the Google Assistant;
  • the last time that this user identification number accessed the Action;
  • the language setting of the browser you are using;
  • whether you are interacting with the Action using keyboard, touch screen or voice; and
  • information about the device you have used to access the Action and what it is able to do.

While the Action does not require any personal information to be provided, we cannot control what information you provide to it.  Please bear in mind that if you type personal information into the Action, or provide the Action with personal information when you are speaking to it, this personal information will be associated with the information listed above.

How does Cancer Research UK use the information?

Cancer Research UK will use the information collected by the Action for the purpose of evaluating the Action’s usefulness and effectiveness, and for identifying possible improvements to it.  For further information on how Cancer Research uses personal information it receives, please see Cancer Research UK’s privacy policy.

What information does Cancer Research UK share?

Information collected in the Action is shared with Google, who provide the platform on which the Action operates.