Meet our researchers

We fund pioneering researchers across the whole of the UK, working hard to beat cancer. Here’s a selection of some of them, and you can download a full list here.

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Name Project Location
Ananth Shankar Developing kinder treatments for Hodgkin lymphoma London
Jacqui Shaw ‘Liquid biopsies’ to reveal cancer’s secrets Leicester
Dirk Sieger Fishing for clues about brain tumour growth Edinburgh
Tim Somervaille Understanding the biology of leukaemia Manchester
Nick Stone New ways to identify people at higher risk of oesophageal cancer Exeter
Mike Stratton Discovering unknown causes of cancer Cambridgeshire
Charles Swanton Unpicking cancer’s genetic patchwork London
Simon Tavaré Understanding cancer evolution Cambridge
Daniel Tennant Targeting cancer’s vulnerabilities Birmingham
Thea Tlsty Finding the link between chronic inflammation and cancer Worldwide
Reuben Tooze Mapping out myeloma development Leeds
Josef Vormoor Finding new targets for leukaemia drugs Newcastle upon Tyne
Karen Vousden Understanding the tumour suppressor p53 London
Jo Waller Investigating cervical screening London
Sarah Walmsley How immune cells can help or hinder brain tumours Edinburgh