Meet our researchers

We fund pioneering researchers across the whole of the UK, working hard to beat cancer. Here’s a selection of some of them.

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Name Project Location
Gordon Cook Improving treatments for patients with myeloma Leeds
Charles Coombes Tackling drug-resistant breast cancer London
Simon Crabb Finding new ways to tackle cancer drug resistance Southampton
Jack Cuzick Nipping cancer in the bud London
Andrew Davies Finding better treatments for blood cancers Southampton
Clare Davies Unpicking the role of a key molecule in breast cancer Birmingham
Johann de Bono Tailored treatments for prostate cancer London
Caroline Dive Hunting cancer cells in the blood Manchester
Douglas Easton Examining genetic and lifestyle risk factors for cancer Cambridge
Rosalind Eeles Homing in on prostate cancer using genetics London
Stephen Elledge Why do cancerous gene mutations cause specific cancers? Worldwide
Tim Elliott Developing new vaccination therapies for cancer Southampton
Gerard Evan Understanding a key cancer driver Cambridge
Corinne Faivre-Finn Improving treatments for lung cancer Manchester
Dean Fennell Tackling hard-to-treat lung cancers Leicester