Professor Tony Ng

Using imaging techniques to make cancer treatment more personal

Professor Tony Ng leads a research group at King’s College London with experts in several different fields. This multidisciplinary team is collaborating with others to marry biology, chemistry, maths and physics in the study of cancer.

Professor Ng wants to interweave these scientific fields to develop better approaches to creating images of cancer, all the way from tiny cells in a dish to the disease in patients. These new techniques will then be used in a number of important ways, from helping diagnose cancer to monitoring whether a patient’s treatment is working. On top of that, doctors could use the information from these images to tailor treatments to the individual patient, making therapies kinder and more effective.

By joining forces with other teams, Professor Ng’s findings can be rapidly translated from the lab into the clinic, helping cancer patients sooner.


All cancer types
Cancer biology
Imaging research

The Randall Centre, New Hunt's Huse, London