Professor Tony Kouzarides

How faulty DNA switches can lead to cancer

Our bodies are made up of more than 200 different types of cell. Although they behave differently these cells all have the same DNA inside them. That’s possible because genes can get switched on or off in different cells and at different times.

Researchers have noticed that in cancer cells, this process of switching genes on or off is often faulty. Professor Tony Kouzarides and his team at the University of Cambridge are studying the biology behind this process, unpicking the mechanisms behind it and identifying the different molecules involved.

Understanding how this system works in cells will then allow the team to identify the processes that can go wrong in cancer, potentially revealing new targets for therapy. Finding drugs that target these errors could be an exciting lead in the pursuit of new, more effective ways to treat cancer.

You can read more about Professor Kouzarides and his work in this blog post

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