Professor Tim Elliott

Developing new vaccination therapies for cancer

Professor Tim Elliott leads a team of scientists at the Cancer Research UK Centre at the University of Southampton. He’s interested in how our immune system recognises cancer, and how it distinguishes between normal cells and cancer cells.

Tumour cells display protein ‘beacons’ on their surface which alert the immune system to their presence. These are used by a type of immune cell called T cells to home in on and attack the cancer cells. Professor Elliot wants to see how two molecules called ERAP1 (endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase 1) and Tapasin affect the presence of these protein ‘beacons’ on the cancer cell surface.

Understanding how the immune system detects tumour cells will help researchers develop therapeutic cancer vaccines that boost this process.

Watch Professor Elliott talk about his research here.


All cancer types

Somers Cancer Research Building, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton.