Professor Rosalind Eeles

Homing in on prostate cancer using genetics

Professor Rosalind Eeles is based at The Institute of Cancer Research in London, and is an expert on prostate cancer.

She and her team are looking for faulty genes which make some people more likely to develop prostate cancer. They are also working out how finding these genes could help doctors to identify patients who are more at risk of developing the disease, and might benefit the most from screening programmes.

Professor Eeles is also in charge of the UK arm of an international clinical trial called IMPACT. The trial is looking at whether a type of screening called the PSA test can spot the disease early in men with some of these faulty genes.

Understanding more about which genes cause prostate cancer and finding new ways to catch the disease early will be crucial to improving treatment, helping to boost survival.


Prostate cancer
Cancer biology
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The Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, London