Professor Richard Martin

Lowering the burden of cancer

In modern life we’re constantly exposed to things that could raise our risk of developing cancer. But teasing the different potential causes apart and working out which ones actually do cause cancer is tricky. At the University of Bristol, Professor Richard Martin has taken on the challenge of improving our understanding of the things that can cause cancer, ultimately helping reduce the number of people that get the disease. 

In his work, Professor Martin will combine large-scale population studies, sophisticated genetic profiling and analytical techniques to specifically look for things that cause cancer to develop and progress. In particular, he will home in on those that could be changed to lower the risk of the disease, such as lifestyle factors and diet.

On top of this important work, Professor Martin is also leading a large clinical trial to evaluate the use of a test which could be developed into a screening programme for prostate cancer. There is no such programme for prostate cancer in the UK, but Professor Martin is looking into whether this test could help save lives from prostate cancer, and whether it’s cost effective. Ultimately, this work could help guide decisions about developing and implementing prostate cancer screening policies in the UK.


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