Professor Richard Grundy

Improving treatments for children with brain tumours

Professor Richard Grundy is based at the University of Nottingham’s Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre. He wants to better understand the underlying biology of brain tumours in children and young adults as an important step in helping to improve the outlook for patients and cure these diseases. He is leading a clinical trial for a rare type of brain tumour called ependymoma.

Coordinated by our Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Birmingham, this is the only trial open in Europe for this particular type of brain tumour. Professor Grundy and his colleagues want to find out whether giving chemotherapy drugs in addition to surgery and radiotherapy improves survival in children and young adults with ependymoma. They also want to investigate if it’s safe to boost the amount of radiotherapy given to patients.

By taking patient samples throughout the trial, the researchers hope to identify key biological events that could help predict how well a patient is likely to respond to a particular treatment, and also allow doctors to monitor whether the treatment is working. Ultimately, the work will lead to much-needed improvements in treatment for children and young adults with this hard to treat disease.


Brain (and spinal cord) tumours
Cancer biology
Clinical trials

Queen's Medical School, Nottingham