Professor Paul Pharoah

On the hunt for cancer genes

Professor Paul Pharoah and his team are based at the University of Cambridge, and their work focuses on breast and ovarian cancer.

Changes to certain genes can increase some people’s risk of developing cancer. That’s why Professor Pharoah is comparing the DNA of breast and ovarian cancer patients to healthy people without cancer to identify which gene variations make some people more likely to develop these diseases. They also want to find out which of these genes are linked with the development of different types of the diseases, and are interested in understanding what factors affect patient outcomes after diagnosis.

Knowing which genes increase the risk for breast or ovarian cancer will help doctors identify patients who may benefit from preventative treatments, reducing the number of people affected by the diseases. On top of that, this new information could help in the development of personalised therapies for patients, helping more people survive their disease. 


Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Cancer biology

Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge, Cambridge