Professor Jack Cuzick

Nipping cancer in the bud

Based at Queen Mary University of London, Professor Cuzick works in cancer prevention. He and his team are particularly interested in breast, prostate, cervical and bowel cancers.

One area of Professor Cuzick’s research is looking for ‘biological signposts’ that could help predict people’s risk of developing different types of cancer. Predicting risk more precisely could lead to more tailored screening and identify people who may benefit from treatments that reduce their risk.

Professor Cuzick is also leading ground-breaking clinical trials to test treatments that might reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer. For example, his research has already shown that giving women at high risk of breast cancer hormone therapies dramatically reduced their risk.

Another vital area of Professor Cuzick’s research is studying ways of improving cancer treatment to stop cancer from coming back later on, which will help to improve survival rates.

Professor Cuzick’s work on breast cancer treatment and prevention has been instrumental in reducing the number of women losing their lives to the disease. His research into screening and ways to lower the risk of developing certain types of cancers could help to reduce the number of people affected by these diseases in future.

You can read more about Professor Cuzick's research here:

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Breast cancer
Cervical cancer
Prostate cancer
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